Mini Panettone Volcano with Ganache

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Santa Edwiges Chocolate Drops Mini Panettones


- 6 Santa Edwiges Chocolate Drops Mini Panettones.

- 7.3 oz of heavy cream.

- 8.3 oz of chopped milk chocolate.

- 6.7 oz of red fruits.

- 1 cup of sugar.

- 1/4 cup of water.


With a little knife, cut the top of each Santa Edwiges Mini Panettones. Carefully remove the core of it, leaving a brim of 0.2 inch. Crumble the core with a fork and put it away. Preparing the ganache: melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Mix the heavy cream, the chopped fruits and the panettones' cores. Fulfill the Mini Panettones with the mixture and place the panettone lids on the tops. Dispose them on a serving dish, cover with plastic film and put them away in the fridge until the core is consistent.

Preparing the syrup: mix the fruits, water and sugar in a pan. Simmer it but don't stir. Leave it cooking until the syrup is formed. Let it cool down. Pour it on the panettones while serving. If desired, serve it with vanilla ice cream.

Tips: You may replace the red fruits by any jelly of any flavor. You may also replace the red fruits in the core by nuts or chopped apricots.